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Setting up a free blog or a website with custom domain!

I spent some time trying to figure the best and cheapest way to host my own website (+ blog). This post talks about few points of that journey.

  1. Bought a domain theox.in in Godaddy
  2. Searched alot about which blogging platform to choose. My main requirements being:
    • It should be very light-weight.
    • It should support custom domain mapping.
    • It should be cheap or if possible, free.
    • It should be flexible to customize.
  3. I tried several options out there and finally chose on Jekyll. The solution takes advantage of Github Pages. Main reasons why I chose Jekyll being:
    • I don’t have to pay anything extra and can have my custom domain for the website.
    • Since the webpage is nothing but Github page of a repo, adding a post means committing changes to Github repo, which means, an apparent increase in my github activity - a boon for a consultant like me who is anyways blogging mostly on coding.
  4. I detailed the process of setting up the Jekyll website in this post.
  5. If I hadn’t have chosen Jekyll, I would’ve probably started blogging in Medium. It was also pretty cool.